Limited Warranty: PrideSports warrants that products are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 90 days when used under normal conditions, with proper care, and for the intended purpose. In the event PrideSports determines a product to be defective, the defective product will either be repaired or replaced. There are no other warranties, either express or implied, which extend beyond the above description. PrideSports will not be liable for any other damages.



Softspikes and Champ Disclaimer: Softspikes and Champ brand cleats provide different levels of traction depending upon the surface or terrain conditions. Whether executing a swing or walking, always take notice of these conditions and act accordingly. Avoid long or quick strides when walking on surfaces with questionable traction such as wooden bridges, steps, railroad ties, dead grass, tile, hardwood floors, or any other terrain or surface which may be either steeply inclined, wet, hard, or smooth. Inspect cleats frequently as worn and/or debris clogged cleats will provide less traction than clean, new cleats. Clean clogged cleats and replace worn cleats promptly.