Choose from 2 3/4" or 3 1/4" Pride Performance™Tee Sizes
Pride Performance™ tees are engineered with special low-resistance tips that create less friction between the golf ball and tee. Tees come in a variety of attractive colors.  The most common size is 2 3/4," which is great for drivers under 360cc. The long 3 1/4" size is popular size for all drivers

You can personalize tees with up to three lines of text, or add your custom logo. Imprinted tees are great for tournaments, or any special occasion. These personalized tees are also quite popular for engagement announcements and wedding celebrations.

Plastic Pride Performance™ high performance golf tees are a specialized performance tee constructed with top grade ABS material. ABS gives the Performance™ tees unmatched durability, lasting for more drives than traditional tees. 2-3/4" and 3-1/4" includes 1-color shank imprint. Available in natural, white, black, dark blue, yellow, citrus orange, citrus green and citrus pink.

Performance™ tees are engineered with a four-prong cup design that distributes less friction between the tee and the golf ball during impact. The result? Longer drives!

* Production time required: Orders on average take about four to five working days to produce, and then all are shipped via ground shipping, unless express shipping is selected.

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Choosing The Right Tee Size
Many golfers have a particular favorite size depending on the club being used. If your purchasing for an outing or event and not sure, the most common size is our 2 ¾” tee.

2 3/4” - for drivers under 360cc 
3 1/4” - for drivers over 360cc


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