PrideSports is the world's leading Sports Traction Company. We have corporate, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities all over the globe. Here are a few highlights...

  • Largest global designer, manufacturer and distributor of replaceable sport and industrial cleats and other golf accessories
  • Leading supplier of golf cleats, golf tees and accessories to OEMs, retailers and pro shops worldwide
  • Largest American producer of wooden tees (out of its manufacturing operations in Maine)
  • Globally renowned for performance in golf, soccer, football, track and other field sports
  • Premium cleats and fastening systems are used by professional and amateur athletes around the world and are regularly worn by competitors in the Olympics, World Series, Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, Ryder Cup and other high profile events
  • Deep history of innovation, R&D, reliable distribution and robust infrastructure supporting customer service
  • Products are designed for the unique rigors of golf, soccer, baseball, football, track & field, and many other sports
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