How Tee Height Can Help You Go the Distance

mike lewis

MyGolfSpy Labs tests were born from questions and curiosity. In the game of golf, even the professionals aren't perfect. After putting in countless hours, sometimes you find yourself coming up short, both literally and figuratively. Let's look at the tee’s small yet essential tool and how its height can help you go the distance.

Tee height will always affect your drive.


  • The 3.25-inch and 4-inch tees are ideal for drivers, especially those with large heads.
  • If you're hitting crooked drives, an adjustment to tee height can straighten your shots.
  • Always pay attention to tee height, and you'll hit longer, straighter drives.

The MyGolfSpy Labs tee height test tested two heights: 1.5 and .5 inches (from ground level). All shots were hit with a PING G410 LST driver and Bridgestone Tour B X golf balls. In total, 120 drives were hit with each tee. Their test was succinct, adhered to the golden rule of a tight, structured model, and all data double-checked where those which do not fit the pattern are analyzed further. To get into the weeds, what was MyGolfSpy looking for specifically, and what else did they discover?


Distance contributes 60 to 65 percent and accuracy about 30 to 35 percent when measuring strokes gained driving. The key to consistency is balancing these two factors. MyGolfSpy's data found a 1.5-inch playing tee creates 14.19 more carry distance on average than a .5-inch playing tee. That is a massive difference, and depending on your circumstances, you can significantly decide how far you drive. Their same data reveals that the total distance of the 1.5-inch was 14.66 yards longer on average.

Strokes Gained & Accuracy

My GolfSpy found the 1.5-inch tee produced higher strokes-gained values, fairways-hit percentage, and better forgiveness. Those three factors were consistent with the 120 drives model and also revealed the .5-inch tee was significantly shorter across the board. The .5-inch tee was worse in strokes gained, fairways hit, and forgiveness.


Backspin is a distance killer. If you don't get enough, the ball won't have the lift to carry a respectable distance. If you have too much spin, the ball will climb higher into the air and fall short of its potential target. In MyGolfSpu's test, backspin was 326 rpm higher on average with the .5-inch tee so, when considering what you want and where consider the tee height.


MyGolfSpy's results suggest that golfers using shorter tees could be leaving upwards of 15-yards on the table. A shorter tee also produced less consistent results. Those two elements are detrimental to anyone's game. There are many other factors like inconsistent set-up and unforgiving clubs, so make sure to work out what feels comfortable for you. On top of that, ensuring you have the best tee on the market is crucial. Make sure to check out PrideSport's golf tees. They are sold in all shapes, sizes, and heights to guarantee your driving distance is never at risk of falling short.